Pharma Products sourcing

Our predominant service is sourcing of pharmaceutical formulations, APIs, API-intermediates. We also source nutra-ceuticals, cosme-ceuticals, drug excipients, surgical, Medical devices, hospital equipment, PPEs, etc.

  • Sourcing of Pharmaceutical formulations
  • Sourcing of APIs-wide range is available
  • Sourcing of API-Intermediates: wide range is available
  • Sourcing of Nutraceuticals-wide range is available
  • Sourcing of Cosmeceuticals- Anti-aging,skin tone preparations, etc.
  • Sourcing of Drug excipients- Binders, stabilizers, etc
  • Sourcing of Medical Devices & Hospital Equipment-Monitors, B.P.Apparatus, etc.
  • Sourcing of Disposable Surgical- I.V. sets, etc.
  • Sourcing of PPEs- Masks, Gloves, PPE kits, etc.

We deal in following Dosage Forms

  • Tablets– Conventional, coated, extended release, etc
  • Capsules -Hard Gelatin, softgel, liquid in hard gelatin caps
  • Injections -Dry powder & liquid Injections
  • Oral Liquids -Syrups & suspensions
  • Semisolid dosage forms -Creams & ointments, lotion, etc.
  • Novel drug delivery system (NDDS) –Oral strips, Gummies, Topical patches, Effervescent tablets, etc.

We deal in following therapeutic segments

  • Anti-cancer (oncology)
  • Anti- Infective range
  • Blood related preparations
  • Anti-coagulants
  • Anti-viral segment
  • Anti-diabetics
  • Anti-hypertensive
  • Ophthalmic & otolaryngology range
  • Anesthetic range
  • Pandemic solutions (Remdesivir, Amphotericin-b, etc)